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3D package design

Packshots made in 3D 

Packaging design and development is a natural part of 3D visualization and packaging visualization is our core business, even though we visualize everything in 3D.

Vizcatz visualizes both packaging products, branded, architecture and environments.

When it comes to packaging 3D visualization and pack shots, we work closely with you and your advertising agency. and together we create a 3D model of your or your customer's packaging, setting a "scene" up and from here,  you can make both presentation pack shot in 3D, 3D animations used in cinema advertisements and TV spots.

Packshot lavet i 3d

In cooperation with the danish mannequindistributor, we are scanning mannequins, to be used in the companys international marketing strategy.

In this way, we can place their mannequins anywhere in the workd, in a very convinzing way. Want to try - call Michael at +45 50586800

3D computer visualization

An important part of Danish industry opportunities, are the use of images and graphics as a part of the argumentation platform for product or service that is visualized in 3D. A good ed visualization can mean a saved order.

Vizcatz work with the best 3D "artists" from around the world, which we use for special tasks. We use for example. some young people from Korea when we make 3D mannequins for one of our clients. They are highly talented and the cost of their service are affordable.

competencies and expertise in visualization

When the package has not yet been printed, the photographer can not help you. Vizcatz provides you with 3D visualization of your packaging, great opportunities for fast delivery.

Vizcatz core competency is computer generated packaging images of very high quality, and our images are often used by advertising agencies to mare than just pictures of a product for the weekly newspaper. Pack Shots from Vizcatz available at prices from 450.00 kr. Computer-generated images are often the cheapest in length.

Our network of 3D model experts, especially from Russia, Korea, and China and often it can in terms of price worthwhile for both us and our customers to use our network, as prices per. time in Asia and Russia are favorable.

Our customers include Pharma Vital, and others who have visualized their medication packaging

It can be difficult to reach, getting into a pack shot, of a newly developed packaging.

The packaging is in press, but the sales manager need a picture for the sales meeting - see the link below. Thats where our service will help you.

Product visualization in 3D and design

In collaboration with the company European Mannequins and Streetbutlers, Vizcatz has had the pleasure to visualize more of their produlter in 3D.

European Mannequins are a major player in the sale and distribution of fashion window mannequins to stores across Europe. See their website here. www.europeanmannequins.com


computer animation and 3d budgets

Product and package animations can be visualized simple or very complex. It is your budget that "decide" which kind you need.

That said, there are plenty of opportunities to make cheap animations of construction, architecture, medical and advertising animations,to produce 3D packaging and product digitization to low prices.

We work with FX studies around the world. Currently we buy additional visualization and animation forces in Ukraine and Korea.

We are different - we give you a price per. image the product or the packaging as you want.

If you do not need to own the 3D model, which forms the basis for the visualization, so we make it for you for free, but have the right to use it in other contexts, only without your graphics on the surface. The advantage is still yours, since we will be able to generate images to you in a few hours. We may even have you package in our 3D  package livery.

With us you pay  only for what you get - a picture of your product - the rest you don't  need not worry aboutl.