Productimages in 3D
3D visualisering

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Product images for webshop and advertising, made in 3D. It is faster, smarter and even much cheaper.

Cannabis is an strongly growing business. We have been aasked to make 3D packshots for both wenshop and for advertising. We have got permission to show this product. We had some thoughts about the policy in our company about the etichs. We desided, that cannabis can be used as medicin, and addiction of cannabis do not need our judgetment.

Package design by by Nordsted Design.

Package design in 3D is ready for virtual reality

It is now possible to have sales displays delivered as Virtual reality and in full size.

3D emballage design

We do not create packaging design. We inform and optimize like your original packaging designs graphics, but if there is direct design of the packages we recommend Nordsted packaging design.

Nordsted Design are specializes in digitizing packaging design. They use the latest 3D technology, including 3D interactive packaging design, which make the goods or products designed online in cooperation with the responsible product or marketing manager.

Read more about digitization of packaging design:

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