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Our customers have an advantage that only few have. We provide pictures of your product, even though the package has not yet been printed.


Last we got this opportunity, was a customer who again had a Chinese customer. The Chinese customer wanted a picture of the product - in Chinese, even the Chinese Varian was'nt printed yet, because of delay.


The order was not yet signed, and the only thing they needed, was a packshot - only 3D could do the job.


Vizcatz delivered a 3D packshot, the day after and the Chinese signed the contract.

Digitize your brand for free

Vizcatz digitize your brand packages for free as a part of our service


No matter which type of packaging your products are wrapped in, Vizcatz can digitize it. We have countless 3D packaging types, in our client library, and probably also yours.


If we don't have yours, do not worry - it we make the the 3D model at no charge. If you are a marketing manager, marketing coordinator or you own or are employed at an advertising agency, please call us or send an email. You will be amazed about the 3D pack shots options, flexibility - and as a new "Argumented Reality" to the sellers to be present product visualization in the end.


The following images are all digital 3D packaging files ready to be visualized in 3D, with your or advertising agency packaging design.


Pachshot fra emballagedesign

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